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The GREATER Victoria

Extreme Weather protocol

The Greater Victoria Extreme Weather Protocol (EWP) is a regional community program developed to address the shelter needs of homeless people during periods of harsh wind, rain, snow, and/or subzero temperatures.  The program was first introduced after a severe cold snap in January 2004 when the City's Silver Threads building was used as a short-term emergency shelter.

To find out current Victoria BC weather conditions, visit Environment Canada’s website here. Click here to view the University of Victoria—School Based Weather Stations Network.

The 2013-14 Extreme Weather Protocol Year-end Report is now available here

Jen Bacon: 

Regional Coordinator

Greater Victoria Extreme Weather Protocol

Cell: (250)896-4012

Email: jen@vewp.net

To contact us:


 BC Housing

 The City of Victoria

 Victoria Police and Fire Departments

 District of Saanich

 Saanich Police and Fire Departments

 Township of Esquimalt

 The Victoria Cool Aid Society

 Our Place

 The Salvation Army

 The Canadian Red Cross

 The Victoria Native Friendship Centre

 Beacon Community  Services—Out of The Rain Night Youth Shelter

 Pacifica Housing Advisory Association

 Victoria Emergency Management Agency

 Esquimalt Emergency Social Services

 Youth Empowerment Society

 Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness

 Aids Vancouver Island

 VIHA — The Sobering & Assessment Centre

 VIHA— Street Nurses

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Emergency Shelters Available Tonight:


Rock Bay Landing—84 Beds + 20 overflow mats (Co-Ed and Pets)

Sandy Merriman House—25 Beds (Women only)

Next Steps—15 Beds (referral only)

Salvation Army Addictions and Rehabilitation Centre—21 Beds (Men only)

Chapel—15 Mats      (Co-Ed)

Kiwanis Emergency Youth Shelter—10 Beds (Co-Ed 13-18 yrs)

VIHA Sobering and Assessment Centre—20 Beds

Out Of the Rain—30 Mats (15-25yrs)

Cool Aid Seasonal Shelter—40 Mats      (Co-Ed and Pets)

Our Place—30 Mats (Co-Ed)

Victoria Native Friendship Centre—25 Mats (Co-Ed)

Sooke Baptist Church—7110 West Coast Rd—5 Mats   (Co-Ed)